About us

Indulge in the flavors and aromas of the world’s best international cuisines with Passage foods us Simmer and Stir-Fry Sauces.

Each Passage foods simmer sauce has been developed by our own trained chefs from each country to ensure authentic flavors and recipes.

Our ready-to-use sauces offer a restaurant quality meal in less than 20 minutes. Simply add meat, seafood or vegetables to our sauce, simmer, and serve over rice, couscous or pasta.

All of our sauces are gluten free, all natural, MSG free, and certified non-GMO. Our simmer sauces are packaged in easy-to-use single serving pouches that eliminate the need to store half-used bottles in your refrigerator.


Our founding roots start in Brisbane, Australia, when chef Chris Doutre moved in early 1980 from his native homeland, bringing with him a long established passion and culinary talent for the foods of Northern India. Over the next 20 years, Chef Doutre established a number of award winning Indian restaurants.

In 2002, Chef Doutre launched his own range of Indian simmer sauces which were widely accepted across Australia. In 2004, Flavour Makers of Melbourne, Australia, acquired the business, partnered with Chef Doutre and expanded into other cuisines to restablish the Passage foods us brand. Expansion to New Zealand, the UK, Europe and Southeast Asia then followed.

In 2008, Passage foods us entered the USA market and today is widely distributed through great retailers across the country offering 13 different cooking sauces.

As of 2012 the range is also available in Canada.

The full Passage foods us product range comes packed in no-tape shelf-ready display cartons:

  • 6 Packages per case
  • Color coding clearly identifies flavor/culinary cuisine

The Pouch Advantage – Convenience

  • Single use application
  • Consistent freshness
  • Food safety
  • Consumer ease of use
  • Consumer ease of transport

Our information / sell sheets contain the nutrition information, EAN/ UPC codes and shipper sizes for all of our products.

Why sauces in a pouch? Passage foods us was the first company to bring cooking sauces in a pouch to the USA. Inovatators, market leaders? Maybe, but we really just believe it is a better packaging solution. In countries all over the world, consumers are use to buying their foods in a pouch. Our liquid pouch is designed to retain all of the same flavor and freshness of a glass jar or tin can, but with much great benefit to both our customers and our environment.


Our sauces are designed for a single use. They are easier to transport home, they are easier to store in your pantry or cuboard and they are easy to open and use.

Once used out they go. No placing unused sauce in the refrigerator that gets pushed to a back corner, only to take up space and get thrown out at a later date…the refrig graveyard as some call it.


Our sauces packs require substancially less to transport and are much friendlier to our environment that products packaged in a glass jar or tin can.

Did you know:

  • It takes 26 trucks to move the same amount of glass jars as we move in 1 truck of pouches.
  • It takes 14 trucks to move the same amount of our pouches once they are filled with Passage foods us simmer sauces.
  • That’s a total of 38 more trucks to move the same amount of product in glass jars versus our pouchs.
  • And an impact to our environment that is 11.40 metric tons more CO2. That’s the same amount as generated by 1.3 households per year. Doesn’t seem like much…well that is for just one shipment of our products and we ship a lot every year.
  • We all need to do our part for the enviorment and we believe the pouch is the next big thing to help this cause.
  • AND, in landfill only 32% of all glass is actually recycled so the rest is now sitting in landfills across the country.
  • Contact us if you want all the numbers…we will be glad to share!!!.

It seems there are more products every day which are coming to our grocer shelves promoting their gluten free ingredients. We support this expanding offering not only for the celiac community, but for the increasing global population that embraces a gluten reduced diet. Being gluten free was not something we just decided to do one day … it has always been a mission of ours since the very first cooking sauce was created …you could say it is in our DNA.

But gluten free is more than just a claim on a label. With Passage foods us we produced all of our products under very strict quality control standards to ensure there is no risk of gluten cross-contamination and we test our product both internally in our own labs and using outside laboratories to a level of 5 parts per million (well below the global standard of 20 parts per million).

More info than you need to know? Maybe, but you need to trust the products you buy and ensure that they are what they claim. At Passage foods us, we take gluten free very seriously.

We employ a team of chefs from around the world and each of our chefs brings with them a love for the foods of their country. With their training and knowledge, their recipes have become our range of cooking sauces. We are always working on new recipes and new cuisines.

In the United States and Canada we offer a range of cooking sauces deep in tradition from India, Thailand, Morocco and China.

All of our sauces are made using the freshest ingredients available and contain no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Each sauce is All Natural and Gluten Free, and some of our sauces are Vegatarian and Vegan suitable.